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The Banter Kit – A Communication Solution for Work and Play

Yacht Crew Intercom - Banter Kit

While much of our attention at Big Blue Yacht Communication has been on larger crews with long range needs to connect to their coach boats, such as the SailGP and the America’s Cup, it has become apparent that there is a strong requirement for a smaller and simpler wireless system with the same high quality audio and rugged reliability that sailors, be they professional racers or weekenders, can get wet and enjoy the sport with excellent comms.

Developed by Big Blue Maritime, the Banter Kit is a compact 2 to 4 user system with a small pocket-sized hub. The kit is self-contained with an internal antenna, only 3 function buttons for simplicity of use and 1 connector port. It shares all the audio quality and ruggedness of our larger long-range IP68 hubs and still enjoys a range of over 300 meters. We test our kit in the washing machine!

Another benefit the Banter Kit shares with its’ bigger brothers is a lack of audio latency; the time it takes sound to travel from one user’s mic to another user’s earpiece. If you are situated close enough to someone so that you can hear them talking whilst you are also hearing them through an audio system then any latency would result in you to hearing everything they say twice, which basically renders the system unusable. Not so with the Banter Kit - audio transmissions are instantaneous.

boat crew intercom systems

Interconnectivity to a VHF or UHF radio with receive and transmit options for the users whilst they are still communicating over the crystal clear duplex wireless link.

The system is headset agnostic allowing you to use the headset of your choice though we would look to provide you with our own IP67 headsets ‘Bob’ behind-the-head and ‘Frank a professional helmet insert, specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. It all comes packaged in a small yellow carry on Pelicase that will float if you lose it overboard!